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Create your own diamond

True Diamond. Your personalised Heart In Diamond is a 100% real diamond with exactly the same optical, physical and chemical properties as an Earth-grown crystal. The same 4C's characteristics (colour, clarity, cut and carat) will apply when grading your Heart In Diamond.

Depending on the type of diamond you desire and your budget, this list of options will help you in creating your personal diamond.


Your Heart In Diamond will be grown from carbon extracted from the hair or ashes of your loved one. The extracted carbon will then be used as the diamond growing foundation to create your very personal diamond. A great option is to use both your hair and the hair of your loved one mixed together in order to grow a family crystal. See Creation Process for more information on how we will create your diamond.


Choosing the colour is an exciting and rewarding task. The unique vibrancy, shade and warmth of each colour will enhance the emotional character that your personal diamond already carries within.

Fancy Blue

A very sought after colour that is brilliant as it is beautiful.

Classic White

The timeless classic that shines pure and brilliant in any light.

Fancy Orange

Comes in all tints from a very light yellow to a deeper orange colour.

Fancy Yellow-Green

Comes in a light sparkling green with a semi-transparent hue.

Fancy Deep Red

This particular colour is available with a chameleon effect, meaning that the shade changes depending on the surrounding light conditions.

All colours are non-fading and retain a head-turning fire, luster and brilliance that belong to and are unique to natural diamonds.


Every personal diamond grown in our lab is cut and polished in accordance with the highest and most exacting standards in the diamond industry. You can choose the cut shapes for your diamond offered by our professionals:


Depending on what you have in mind for the mounted design, you will be able to order your diamond in various sizes from 0.03 carat up to 2.00 carats. For your convenience we have introduced 9 fixed ordering options to choose from:

Name Carat Brilliant Princess Radiant
Mini-HID 0.015-0.04
Budget 0.10-0.19
¼ Carat 0.20-0.34
½ Carat 0.45-0.64
¾ Carat 0.65-0.89
1 Carat 0.90-1.19
1¼ Carat 1.20-1.39
1½ Carat 1.40-1.59
2 Carat 1.90-2.09
Blue and White diamonds and available up-to ¾ and ½ carats respectively in the Brilliant cut only.

Carat weight Brilliant Princess Radiant
0.015 carat 1.50 mm N/A N/A
0.03 carat 2.00 mm N/A N/A
0.10 carat 3.00 mm 2.50 mm 3.50 x 2.80 mm
0.25 carat 4.10 mm 3.50 mm 4.30 x 3.23 mm
0.50 carat 5.10 mm 4.40 mm 5.60 x 4.21 mm
0.75 carat 5.80 mm 5.00 mm 6.20 x 4.66 mm
1.00 carat 6.40 mm 5.50 mm 6.90 x 5.19 mm
1.25 carat 7.00 mm 6.00 mm 7.25 x 5.45 mm
1.50 carat 7.40 mm 6.40 mm 7.55 x 5.68 mm
2.00 carat 8.10 mm 7.00 mm 8.30 x 6.24 mm


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If you're unsure about your choice and want to learn more, please use our Personal Service.
You can also learn more about the ordering process at this page: How to Order?

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