how are cremation diamonds made

Last revised: November 30, 2018

How Our Diamonds are Made

The steps how a cremation diamond is made: 1. (Request and receive the free info pack that includes instructions on how to take the sample (hair or ashes), 2. placed in an HPHT mechanine (temperature), 3. Diamond is polished, jewelry is set, 4. Receive the diamond. Look on site how it’s described Include a few words about New Zealand

Diamond remains to be one of the most precious stones on earth. What you might not know is that, like most naturally occurring elements, a diamond is made from carbon. The element must be there regardless of whether the diamond is natural or artificial.

Cremation diamonds make use of the ashes of your friends and relatives. The process takes time, and the end product is nothing short of stunning. Heart In Diamond is incredibly quick to make them because we want you to be reunited with the remains of the people you love within the shortest time possible. Here are the steps that are involved:

1. You Request Instructions on How to Take the Hair and Ashes Sample

This is the first thing that you need to do if you want the cremains of your loved one to be turned into an exquisite cremation diamond. The instructions sent by Heart In Diamond help you to take the ideal sample of hair and ashes that are needed. After you have taken it, you can then send the sample to us for the creation of your diamond.

We use specific chemicals to extract the carbon from the ashes. We may have to mix your sample with generic carbon to make a mixture that will be enough to make the exact shape/cut of diamond you have requested. This is determined by the purity of your loved one’s ashes and the carbon that is obtained.

2. We Place the Carbon in an HPHT Machine

The next step is to put the extracted carbon in an HPHT machine. This is where the carbon is exposed to a certain high temperature and high-pressure environment. The device recreates the conditions that you can only find in the earth’s mantle where diamond is naturally formed. These include the required temperature of 2,000 degrees Celsius (3,632 degrees Fahrenheit) and a pressure of 60,000 atm. The great pressure and heat are required for the carbon atoms to transform into a hard, breathtaking diamond form.

3. We Polish Your Diamond and Set the Jewelry

Once we have the stone form, we start polishing it to fit your particular specifications. This will depend on the details that you gave the consultant before you submitted the cremains. The information includes the cut, color, and jewelry setting that you would prefer. We provide more than 500 choices, so you’ll have a variety to choose from depending on your tastes. You might also have to consider the personality and preferences of the deceased person and the nature of your relationship. After is it made, the cremation diamond is treated like any other natural diamond; it is graded according to its color, cut, clarity as well as size.

4. Receive Your Unique Diamond

When your diamond is ready, Heart In Diamond delivers it to your address in New Zealand. We do it personally! It’s delivered by one of our consultants or by a courier. You decide what to do with the memorial stone. You can preserve it and keep it in a safe, or you can choose to wear it every day as a reminder of your loved one.

Why Choose Heart In Diamond?

We make the process fast and simple. Heart in Diamond takes about 70-120 days to make your diamond. This is a very short time compared to the period that other companies take. which is usually twice as long. This ensures that you get your jewelry as soon as possible.

We handle your loved one’s remains with the utmost respect and care. With Heart in Diamond, improper handling of your loved one’s ashes is the least of your worries. We do not send the extracted carbon to any third party because we have everything they require to make the diamond. This makes sure that the remains do not get lost or confused with those of someone else.

Having the remains of a person you love made into a cremation diamond can be the best way to preserve their memories. The process takes time, and you can always choose the type of stone you would like.

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